The California Hawking Club Annual Field Meet comes to Topaz Lake

Come on out January 11-14, 2017 to the Topaz Lodge and see one of the largest falconry meets in the US.  200+ Falconers will be on site with many different birds to have fun chasing game and swapping hunting stories.  The public is welcome to attend the meet and talk to the falconers.  If you ask, many falconers will let you join them hunting so don’t be shy, but be polite.  The Falconry Sky Trials happens on January 14th at about 630AM southeast of Topaz Lake around the back side.  Details and directions can be obtained from the meet registration desk.  Don’t miss these aerial displays of falcon skill as they chase agile pigeons before your eyes. for more information.


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The epic season of jack hawking continues

Here is a pic of Jose and I after we got 8 jacks on 1/2/2017.  Great way to start the year!

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Season is going great.

We are off to a nice start to the falconry season.  I have a new wild female harris hawk from Arizona again and she is fantastic.  I am hunting her with my 5 year old male.  We are putting game in the bag and Tanis is back hunting again after losing him for 3 months this summer.  Been out cast hawking with Jose and Randy.  Sign up to come on out and see falconry in action.20161105_1253511

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Sorry about the site being down

Well, my site was down for a little while and I didn’t realize it.  So, if you are looking for falconry information, I am back up and running again.  More posts soon.

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Quick Flight Video Training the Aplomado Falcon on a Creance Line

This is Starlord training in the back yard.  We will be hunting soon.  Can’t wait to see what he can do.

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New bird for the season

Meet Starlord, my first year tiercel (male) Aplomado Falcon.  He is really small, flying at about 240 grams. 12–16 in (30–40 cm) long and with an average wingspan of about 36 in (90 cm), his species typically hunts small birds, lizards and small insects.


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Future falconer

Well, my wife and I are expecting a little girl. We are super excited.  I was so excited that I had a onesie made 🙂 Onesie

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