Sorry about the site being down

Well, my site was down for a little while and I didn’t realize it.  So, if you are looking for falconry information, I am back up and running again.  More posts soon.

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Quick Flight Video Training the Aplomado Falcon on a Creance Line

This is Starlord training in the back yard.  We will be hunting soon.  Can’t wait to see what he can do.

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New bird for the season

Meet Starlord, my first year tiercel (male) Aplomado Falcon.  He is really small, flying at about 240 grams. 12–16 in (30–40 cm) long and with an average wingspan of about 36 in (90 cm), his species typically hunts small birds, lizards and small insects.


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Future falconer

Well, my wife and I are expecting a little girl. We are super excited.  I was so excited that I had a onesie made :) Onesie

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Website was down, but it’s all good now.

Well, I am sorry my sight was down for a bit but really looking forward to flying on jacks with my male harris hawk again and I am really excited to try quail and doves with my new aplomado falcon “Starlord”


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I havent posted in a while so I’ll give everyone an update. I had a slow season do to low game numbers, pray for rain, and I had to have heart surgery in New Years Eve. I had 2 heart stents put in that saved my life but I am doing awesome now and I can’t wait to get out again next season in full force.

Hiccup, my peregrine/gyr hybrid flew off in February in Gardnerville and is still gone. My new harris hawk did ok, but not up to my standards, so next season we will get her straightened out.

I am hoping to get a new Aplomado Falcon this summer, but if not, I’m getting another coops most likely. If I can’t get a coops I will get a kestrel for fun.

Ill post pics of any fun stuff. But here is a small one.

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Well I wanted to let visitors know that my site is still active. I am currently training a new female harris hawk that I got last week. She is coming along ok and I think she will be fine with my male. Don’t be afraid to come on out and see falconry. Fill out the meet and greet for northern or southern Nevada.

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