Well I wanted to let visitors know that my site is still active. I am currently training a new female harris hawk that I got last week. She is coming along ok and I think she will be fine with my male. Don’t be afraid to come on out and see falconry. Fill out the meet and greet for northern or southern Nevada.

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It is with great sadness that I said to goodbye to my 5 year hunting partner Kit. She passed away on 7/10/2014 from post surgery complications. I will miss her.

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New Harris Hawk

Well, I have a great new little male harris to add to my cast.  His name is Zane.  He should fly about 600gr or so.  I finally got out into the field this weekend for about an hour.  My birds, Tanis and Kit, were finally ready to go hunt after a super late start on the molt.  Zane should mix in really well with my cast.  Here is a pic of him.  Please fill out the Meet and Greet if you have an interest in falconry and would like to come out and see what it’s all about.


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New coopers hawk for me

Here are some pics of the new coops I got about a month ago for the up coming 2013 season.  Its a female and she is really sweet…..right now….if you know a coops, you would understand.  Anyway, cant wait for the new season.  New apprentice is doing good and I am helping another person get started as well.  Stay tuned for more….IMG_20130708_180625_289 IMG_20130707_171307_773

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April updates

Well, here in Nevada the regulations were all done and in the hands of the Department of Wildlife and are now getting ready to ship off the the USFWS.  I moved to a new place with an acre and I am so much happier with the space.  We have two new apprentices in Northern Nevada for this season and a few in the wake working on their exams.  My friend Rick is trying a tame hack of wild birds in Nevada this season with 3 prairie falcons.  He is using a method from a book called “The Four Week Window”.  I am very interested to see how it works.  Just enjoying our nice weather and helping our new apprentices get ready for inspections.

If anyone is interested, there is a Great Horned nest with babies in the garden area of the Walmart in Lemon Valley.  Pretty cool to go see them.

In other news, the California Hawking Club annual field meet is in Topaz, NV this year and they are joining up with NAFA for a joint meet!  This will be so cool this year.  I can’t wait to see everyone and have some great times hawking with friends.  The apprentices are excited too.  The meet will be over Presidents weekend again.  Dates posted soon.

For now, happy molt and happy hawking.

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Post 2012 Hunting Season Update

Well, had a blast this season.  Went to the Utah Sky Trials, the Oregon-Washington joint meet, the California Hawking Club meet and had a great time meeting new falconers.  I have a new apprentice Chris in Fallon.  He is currently building his facilities and getting ready for inspection.  My apprentice Dustin will have his general license in July and has decided to take on a female harris this summer for his new bird.  Can’t wait to fly his bird with my two birds.

I finally got my two harris hawks, Kit and Tanis to fly together and they are simply amazing together to watch.  I had a lot of fun watching Kit get out and hunt again after her broken leg.

The new State regulations are all done.  Getting a final sign off by the Governor and then in January of 2014 we have new regulations finally.

I discovered and am now using a revolutionary transmitter for falconry.  This thing is bad ass.  Here is the link.  http://www.falconryoutfitters.com/equipment/telemetry/satellite-gps-cellular-transmitter.html This is all I use now and  I love it.

I am trying to get my birds to breed and hopefully it all works out.  Ill post more soon.  Keep checking back.




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Latest updates

Well, I guess I need to provide some updates so that all my fans and visitors don’t think I fell off the planet. Well the business, http://www.falconryoutfitters.com did pretty good this year. We added some pretty cool camo t-shirts and hats. We now carry some really cool hunting packs made by RIBZ. Kit broke her leg in half in December and is all healed up and getting ready for the 2012 hunting season. My little male harris Tanis had an awesome season and is still molting a bunch for this season. I now also have an anatum that I think will be fun to fly. I can’t wait to get out into the field soon. I have a very possible new apprentice and he will be taking the exam this next week. My current apprentice will be getting his general falconer license in November. I plan to attend the falconry meets in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, California and Oregon this season. I really love meets and I want to get our business name out there more.

Nevada is really close on the federal regulations and we missed the cut off for 2013 year but we will be on target to be done for the 2014 cut off.

I will update more this season with pics and video. Happy hunting.


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