Season is going great.

We are off to a nice start to the falconry season.  I have a new wild female harris hawk from Arizona again and she is fantastic.  I am hunting her with my 5 year old male.  We are putting game in the bag and Tanis is back hunting again after losing him for 3 months this summer.  Been out cast hawking with Jose and Randy.  Sign up to come on out and see falconry in action.20161105_1253511


About corey

I'm a Master falconer in the Reno, Nevada, area. I started hunting with red-tailed hawks, and now I hunt with Harris Hawks and falcons. I really enjoy getting people involved in falconry and taking people out to experience it. Recently I have enjoyed talking to groups about my birds and falconry. Get hold of me through the "Meet and Greet" link. There is also a link to contact my friends in Southern Nevada.
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4 Responses to Season is going great.

  1. Jason says:

    I’m trying to get into falconry in Vegas. Still in the beginning stages trying to study for the unknown on the written exam and find a sponsor. If you could help out at all or point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

  2. Colby Gravier says:

    Hi my name is Colby and im interest in falconry! I do have some questions, what would I need to start? Im looking for a sponser because I have read that I need one. I live in Fallon Nevada and can’t find anything about it besides this post. If you could please contact me through phone, I would greatly appreciate It. The reason I am looking into this is due to the fact that i have found a red tail hawk with a broken leg and want to care for him. I want to learn all I can about these beautiful creatures and would love the opportunity to work with you guys. Thank you for your time. My phone number is 775-385-8437. If I am not home when you call, you can always leave a message with my fiancé Courtney.

  3. Mike Reese says:

    Would love to come out and watch!!

  4. corey corey says:

    Go to Contact Us tab at the top and fill out the Southern Nevada Meet and Greet and Al will get the email and he should email you back. There are a lot of falconers in Las Vegas area.

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