BBQ 2/10 at Lazy 5 Park in Sparks

Anyone wishing to come to our falconer BBQ is more than welcome.  We will be at Lazy 5 Park off Pyramid Highway.  Look for a BBQ trailer.  Starts at Noon.  Bring something to share. 🙂 I will be driving a silver Dodge Ram 1500 4 door truck with tinted windows and mud terrain tires.


About corey

I'm a Master falconer in the Reno, Nevada, area. I started hunting with red-tailed hawks, and now I hunt with Harris Hawks and falcons. I really enjoy getting people involved in falconry and taking people out to experience it. Recently I have enjoyed talking to groups about my birds and falconry. Get hold of me through the "Meet and Greet" link. There is also a link to contact my friends in Southern Nevada.
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