Falconry Websites

We like sharing our experiences and promoting the sport of falconry in Nevada and across the world. We are going to publish our favorite sites related to falconry here. If you would like a website listed on this page, please contact us and tell us why.

These are the regulations governing falconry in Nevada. There are many changes that went into affect on January 1st, 2014 so please become familiar with them.
Nevada Falconry Laws

The falconry information on this page is half way down the page. The information from the Nevada Department of Wildlife is inaccurate and has not been updated to match the new state laws. This is also the link for applications for falconry licensing and raptor capture permits in Nevada.
Nevada Department of Wildlife Falconry Information

Friends of Nevada Falconry
Mark Moglich Premiere Falcons
Dave Jamieson Premiere Falcons

Jeanene Steeman’s Site across the world. Very nice site. Click the link and check it out.
Jeanene Steeman Falconer

REALLY cool footage of a camera on goshawk and falcon back.
Cool Video Footage

Falconry shared resources.
Raptors Nest

Every falconer in the US should be a member of this organization. I am!
North American Falconers Association